$150 Million Class Settlement: EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program case

Attorney Roberto Villasante, founder of the Law Offices of Roberto Villasante, filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, FL (Complex Business Litigation Section) on behalf of eight foreign investors in an EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

The EB-5 Program provides a vehicle through which foreign investors can invest in certain types of qualified United States companies, earn a return on their investment, and ultimately obtain their permanent residency (green cards). To qualify for an EB-5 visa, a foreign applicant must invest $500,000, of which all the plaintiffs in the case did in a Jay Peak Limited Partnership project, or $1 million in a new commercial enterprise approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Once the applicant has invested, he or she may apply for a conditional green card, which is valid for two years. According to court documents, the Jay Peak project sold securities under the EB-5 Program to the plaintiffs.

Court filings by Mr. Villasante allege that the defendants in the case made an agreement between and among themselves for the commission of alleged unlawful acts pertaining to the plaintiffs’ investment, including, without limitation, the collection and deposit of their EB-5 investment into People’s United Bank; the establishment of an account at Raymond James (defendant) by the plaintiffs; the transfer of their EB-5 investment by William Stenger (defendant) to the Raymond James account created by plaintiffs; the facilitation of the use of their EB-5 investment into treasury bills and security for margin accounts by Raymond James; and the illegal and improper diversion and conversion of the plaintiffs’ EB-5 investment for the personal benefit and financial gain of the defendants.

On behalf of his clients, Mr. Villasante also alleged that the defendants jointly conceived, planned, carried out, and otherwise effectuated their agreement through overt acts, including, without limitation, commission of affirmative acts of fraud, theft, breach of fiduciary duty and other misconduct, all in furtherance of the unlawful agreement. As a direct and proximate result of the alleged conspiracy and effectuation of the illegal agreement, according Mr. Villasante’s clients, the plaintiffs, suffered damages, including but not limited to the loss of the monies they invested in the Jay Peak Limited Partnership, to-wit, $500,000 plus a $50,000 administrative fee.

A concurrent Class Action in Federal Court resulted in a settlement that included Mr. Villasante’s eight State Court Plaintiffs in a total sum for all class members of $125 million dollars.

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