The field of aviation has revolutionized and changed the way we think about commerce, transportation and distance. Although we have progressed and improved plane safety over the years, aviation accidents still occur and can have devastating consequences. Aviation professionals and airlines have a strict set of protocols and safety precautions that need to be followed and often cutting corners or bypassing them altogether leads to fatal accidents.

In these cases passengers on the plane or other victims of the accident are entitled to compensation and may file a lawsuit against those responsible. Roberto Villasante has represented many clients with complaints in the field of aviation. Recently, he represented passengers on a Central American flight in which the oversight of a pilot caused the aircraft, while landing, to plummet down a 150 foot ravine crashing into a busy thoroughfare.

The accident resulted in the death of several passengers, as well as the death of a person driving in the street below. Many other passengers and bystanders suffered injury and panic due to the crash. Safety devices designed to assist the passengers in an emergency situation were also not working at the time causing further bodily harm and danger.

Proving the monetary losses associated with these incidents is a complex task. Mr. Villasante’s experience with high profile cases like these helps him be prepared to represent your family after an aviation accident.