Personal Injury

Reasons to file a personal injury case

There are many reasons to sue for compensation in personal injury cases. Whether your personal injury is the result of an accident, defective product, or safety code violations, you have the right to pursue justice. Here are some reasons you should file a personal injury claim:

  • To cover the cost of medical expense
  • To replace or repair damaged property
  • To recover lost wages during the time you spent in recovery
  • To encourage better behavior and higher standards of safety
  • To seek justice against the at-fault party

It’s normal to brush your experience off by telling yourself you are “just blowing it out of proportion.” It’s also easy to take on some of the blame for the incident. But both are the last things you should do.

When an accident occurs, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. With all the legalities of filing a claim, you will need the advice and counsel of an attorney to make certain you take the right course of action. Your attorney can also mitigate conversations with insurance companies and the other parties involved.

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What to do if you think you have a personal injury claim

What you do after an accident or injury has occurred can make a large difference in the course of your case. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You should not make any statement about the accident to the insurance companies without consulting an attorney.
  • If you can, you should take pictures of the accident or circumstances that led to your injuries.
  • You should get the other party’s/the at-fault party’s contact information.
  • You should compile a list of people who witnessed the incident.
  • You should never start negotiations or talk about settlement without an attorney present.

With these guidelines in mind, you can feel a little prepared if an accident should occur in the future or if it has occurred recently.

Types of personal injury cases we take

There are many different personal injury categories and special circumstance cases. Finding an attorney with experience specific to your case can make the difference between just compensation and the at-fault party getting off scot-free. These are just a few of the personal injuries our firm can handle for you:

  • Aviation Accidents
  • Commercial Aviation Accidents (i.e. if you are hurt on an airliner)
  • Catastrophic Injury and Death
  • Defective Medical Device Injuries
  • Car Accidents
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Electrocution

Though we have special experience with the areas above, we are happy to assist with other personal injury circumstances. Our knowledge of the medical and insurance fields helps us pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

What is the statute of limitations of filing a suit in Florida?

Yes. Every state has its own statutes and limitations within state-level court systems. Knowing the differences between your state and others can help you gain a better understanding of what to expect with your case.

In almost all accident cases in the state of Florida, you must file the claim within four years of the date of the accident. In other words, if you've waited to file a suit and it has been more than four years since the accident, it's extremely unlikely that you can still sue the responsible party for any injuries that have manifested since that time.

Whether you have been in an accident or are the victim of negligence, do not wait to get help. You should seek immediate medical attention for your wounds and contact a personal injury attorney to counsel with you from the beginning. And if you decide to move forward with your case, we can represent you against the other party. We believe the party responsible should be held accountable, and we will pursue that accountability with your desired outcome as our goal.